Cairns In The Desert

Spiritual Direction by Elizabeth Lyman





Why Spiritual Direction?


"Our listening creates a sanctuary

for the homeless parts within another person."

 Rachel Naomi Remen



We live in a world where it is very difficult to find anyone who can be fully present to us at any given time. Our world is one of distraction and endless multitasking. We forget to slow down and listen for the “still, small voice” of God. A spiritual director or companion is someone who can help you pay attention to the movement of Being, God, Christ or Higher Power in your life.


In a culture where our value is judged by what we do, spiritual direction provides time with a spiritual companion who honors you in a quiet, thoughtful way. It is a practice that is thousands of years old and is part of all major religious beliefs.


Spiritual direction or spiritual companionship is not about fixing things or doing something perfectly, because it is not about accomplishing or doing.


The focus is on intimacy with God; not on the solving of clinically identified psychological problems.


It is about allowing things to be as they are, resting in awareness, and then, taking appropriate action when called for.


Silence, deep listening, and non-doing are contemplative practices often explored in spiritual direction as a way to deepen relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human.


Spiritual direction always involves a recognition and invitation to the Source of all Being (the ‘real’ spiritual director), to be present with us.


I am comfortable exploring with you how your understanding of God or Higher Power, or Source, or Being can deepen your journey.

Elizabeth Lyman - 2018