Cairns In The Desert

Spiritual Direction by Elizabeth Lyman

"I have a great sponsor and am working my program in A.A.

I also meet with Elizabeth.

I find that using Elizabeth as my spiritual director has really helped give me a better perspective on my own recovery and my relationship with my Higher Power."

Doug A.

"Elizabeth has been so helpful to me.

She is a gentle loving presence in my world of busyness and stress.

She helps me slow down and take time to just be in the presence of God."

Dennie M.

"The men at the recovery house are absolutely benefiting from the spiritual work you are doing with them.

Scott told me he had a God moment during one of the sessions.

He was amazed at the process and even more amazed in himself.

It's good work Elizabeth.

Thank you for helping us."

Laura Waits

Owner of Willis House

I love working with a variety of people as they explore their spiritual path. I have worked with other clergy and church employees in a variety of religious traditions.

I also work with retired persons, those who love their church and spiritual tradition, and with those who find little meaning in faith or tradition.  From the ‘spiritual but not religious’ to those who wish to explore a particular tradition in a safe place, all will find acceptance with me.


I have been engaged in spiritual direction with people in 12 step recovery programs for over 30 years.

I am in long term recovery from drugs or alcohol myself.  Not only do I practice spiritual direction one-on-one with individuals in recovery, I have lead group spiritual direction in various recovery houses.


I am a trained spiritual director, a graduate of the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction, and a member of Spiritual Directors International.  I am also a retired Presbyterian minister. My Masters of Divinity is from Princeton Theological Seminary. I have been pursuing a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis on helping individuals and groups spiritually cope with trauma.

Your companion on the journey,


Elizabeth Lyman - 2018